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About Us

Welcome to Little World Peas! We started Little World Peas in 2011 in New York City with a vision of bringing together worldwide cultures and best quality to fashion.

This all started when we first came across Japanese baby clothing. It was made with the baby in mind - super soft with seams on the outside. What a concept! Then we started noticing the scratchiness and massive seams sticking into our own poor babies. And it started to bug us. Why were American baby clothes made with the parent (and not the baby) in mind? You will be surprised how many baby clothes are soft on the OUTSIDE and horrible on the inside. Next time you pick up a bodysuit - feel the inside of your clothes, that huge scratchy seam up the side.

We designed all our products to have seams and labels on the OUTSIDE along with super soft organic fabric and non-toxic dyes. The most comfortable, highest quality baby clothes you can find.

Blue and Chestnut Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Why Organic?
Is it just marketing? The only thing that matters is about how fabulous it feels. When is the last time you held one of your t-shirts up to your face to feel the softness? There is a reason you can't remember. Our organic cotton feels soft and wonderful - once you feel it you will be a believer. You will know that this is the wonderful, soft feeling you want to cover your baby in. Our fabric is soft, thick and comfy. The #1 question on everyone's mind? "When will you make shirts out of this for me??"

Anne Johnson, Co-Founder
Anne grew up in Palo Alto, California and is currently living in NYC. Anne has a background in technology. She completed her MBA from MIT Sloan and was a management consultant at Bain & Company - and a newly expectant mother - when she had the idea for Little World Peas. But her favorite start-ups of all are her two sons (ages 6 months and 3).

Zhiying Jiang, Co-Founder
Zhiying grew up in Shanghai, China and has lived in NYC since 1991. After graduating from New York University she worked for Goldman Sachs. Zhiying met Anne at MIT Sloan while she was pursuing her MBA degree. Post MBA, she worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Katherine Johnson, Chief Creative Officer and Chief Marketing Officer
Katherine is a seasoned entrepreneur. That last name is no coincidence - she is Anne's sister! Katherine is an online marketing expert with experience building multiple retail websites from ground zero. She also has a newborn baby son who loves all of the Little World Peas clothing.